Bulk SMSing – It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

But if you are trying to sms api reach thousands of customers at the same time, individually texting them on the phone is a nightmare any seller would like to gladly avoid. There is an easier way of keeping in touch with your customers and updating them about your products and services on a regular basis- through Bulk SMSing.

Bulk SMSing is nothing but sending a common message to a large database of phone numbers. Bulk SMS technology has made it possible for sellers to conveniently interact with customers.

An SMS Gateway Server is a platform used to send bulk messages to customers. Essentially, they are relay channels used for transmitting Short Message Services (SMSes). The messages are integrated to the platform through a module, a protocol and an interface. The technology can be customized to suit small businesses with limited customers as well as growing organizations who use bulk messaging services for running product promotions.

With minimum interference, bulk SMS can be efficiently sent through gateways using modern technology. Different types of interfaces are used to send bulk SMS, of which Application Programming Interface (API) and Web SMS (desktop) are the most common and easy to use.

The API works by connecting the website or application to an SMS gateway and uses the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) or HTTPS (HTTP secure) protocols. Web SMS services are facilitated by Web browsers. There is a strong preference amongst customers for API than for Web SMS because of the ease of delivery of messages and availability of message tracking systems.

Also, to keep in mind while selecting a gateway is the method of sending the bulk SMS. SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) is considered better than SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.) SMPP uses the same technology that mobile phones use to relay a message from one phone to the other. Hence, it is also more expensive.

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