Develop your Book Marketing Strategy Now!

Do you think your un curso de milagros is going to be a best seller because it’s awesome?  Are you positive that everyone will want to buy a copy of your book? It might be bestseller material but if you don’t market and promote it, no one is going to know about your great book. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a book a bestseller.

The best time to decide on your book marketing strategy is while you are writing your book.  Don’t wait until you finish writing your book. Here are some marketing activities you can begin working on right now while you are writing your book.

Become a well-known speaker in your community. If you have a fear of speaking join a Toastmasters International chapter in your area now, or take the Dale Carnegie’s Effective Speaking training program. I have done both and they can give you the confidence and knowledge you need to be a good, effective speaker. You have an important message to share on your expert topic. You must be able to present yourself well and build your name. You can begin speaking now to get the practice so that by the time your book is published you are ready to go on the speaking circuit.

Build Your Mailing List. Start doing Google searches for organizations and groups you can speak to: Women’s groups, business organizations, Rotary Clubs, personal development groups, plus groups that specialize in your book topic.

Build Your Testimonial List. Write down the contact information of people you want to give you a testimonial for your book.  Get 20 names or more.  Once a preliminary copy of your book is available you can write to your list and ask if they would like to write a testimonial for your book. It is best to ask people who have titles that would be of interest to your potential readers. You can put the testimonials in your book and on your website.

Be the Expert. If you solve problems for your clients, then you are an expert.  Now continue to build on that by reading, learning, participating in seminars that can expand your knowledge in your field of expertise.

Promote Yourself. This is no time to be shy. Start writing articles in your area of expertise and get them out there in the Internet article-writing world. Begin reading promotional materials you receive and save the ones that catch your attention. Begin practicing writing your own promotional materials for your pamphlets and brochures.

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