Homeopathy or «Similia Similibus Curentur»

In the 1830s, homeopathy began to spread in France, but also in the United States. Pharmacists refusing to make these products, the disciples of Hahnemann had to make them themselves. In France, Doctor Comte Sébastien Des Guidi30 created the Société Homéopathique Lyonnaise in 1830. His pupils were at the origin of the development of homeopathy in dime vape. These include Dr. Dufresne, Petroz, Curie, Mabit, (Hahnemann, 1833).

At the death of Hahnemann in 1843, homeopathy declined slightly in Europe but developed in the United States and it was only at the beginning of the 20th century, with the appearance of the first laboratories and then the enthusiasm for the Alternative medicine, that it began its industrial history and spread widely to patients.

By semantic shift, the term “homeopathic” has become synonymous with a minimal dose of a product, in reference to one of the characteristics of homeopathy, whereas the original meaning of the term homeopathy is treated according to the Principle of similarity: The substance chosen to treat the sick person is called “homeopathic” (Atwood, 2008).

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