How To Bet On a Greyhound At the Dog Track

All greyhound tracks in the United Kingdom bet fa and Ireland offer you the chance to back your selected dog with an on-course bookmaker. The process of backing a greyhound with a bookmaker is very straightforward but can be intimidating for somebody who is not familiar with the procedure. To aid the novice punter I have broken down this process into the 5 simple steps outlined below

In the betting ring you will find the track bookmakers. The betting ring is typically located along the rails in front of the main stand. The bookies will usually be operating on a raised platform with a board listing the odds of the dogs in the upcoming race. The dogs will be numbered 1-6, according to the trap in which they have been drawn. Your race card will tell you which trap your chosen dog has been drawn in.

The odds being offered on each greyhound will differ between each bookmaker so it is worth shopping around to find the best price available for your selection. The odds are displayed on the board in fractional format (e.g. 2/1) and the prices will vary in accordance with the amount of money being wagered.

To place a bet approach the bookmaker displaying the best price and state the amount of your bet, the type of bet (usually a win bet) and trap number of the dog. For example, you have studied the race card and decided you would like to put a bet of €20 on the dog in Trap 5 to win the race. Once you have your selection made you would approach your chosen bookmaker and clearly state “€20 Win Trap 5”. You then give him your €20 and he will give you a ticket with the details of your bet in exchange. Put this ticket in a safe place, as this is your proof that the bet was accepted by the bookmaker and you will need to produce it to claim your winnings.

You can place your bet at any time before the race starts. The most seasoned punters wait until the final seconds before the race starts to place their bets, things can get very hectic in the betting ring at this time so if you would like to avoid getting caught up in the rush it would be advisable to get your bet on early and get a good position in the in the stand to watch the race. The reason experienced gamblers leave it late to put on their bets is that you will often get better prices from the bookmakers the closer you get to the start of the race, once you are more familiar with placing bets you too can join in the excitement of the last minute rush.

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