How To Make Money With The Letter P

Whether you are trying to change your life, ماكينة عد النقود وكشف التزوير a goal or complete a project, knowing what to do and getting yourself to actually do it are the two core things at the heart of success. It takes both knowing what to do and actually doing it to succeed at anything; knowledge alone doesn’t accomplish much. Knowledge plus action is what changes the world. Since so much of our life and our actions are defined and created by our habits, if we can control our habits we can largely control our life.

Anchoring, internal systems, rituals, goal seeking mechanisms and mindfulness are just some of the hot topics when it comes to success and achievement these days, but the experts often forget one thing, if it isn’t fun we won’t do it or at least not for long. When I teach success and I coach people I use these modern techniques, but I put in a little fun and it makes the success process fun. Who wouldn’t want to do the things that bring success if they were fun?

The Letter P Is An Old Friend

What could be more fun than the letter P? When you were a child you learned that P stands for porpoise and penguin. P is for pig and for pumpkin. P is for purple and popcorn. P is for parties and playtime. P is for parrots and pirates, parades and pom-poms. P words even sound fun. When you think back to childhood P was one of the really fun letters. As a Strategic Life Coach I have found it is much easier, tremendously easier, even unbelievably easier to get people to do things that are fun than things that are tedious, boring and dull. For years I have called on the letter P for help. As you read this article see how many times you can find a word that begins with the letter P or has P somewhere in the word. I dare you.


Decades ago Napoleon Hill said no sane person does anything without a purpose and psychologists still agree today. You need a reason why to get off the couch and do something if you are going to get off of that couch and do something. Your reason why is the purpose you are doing something. Anthony Robbins calls reasons, whys and purposes your fuel for action. Without a compelling purpose or enough reasons why we should do something we just run out of fuel and go back to our old way of living.

When someone comes to me to learn how to make money and build wealth I often have them write down 40 reasons why they must become wealthy before I will work with them. I don’t want someone to say they want an expensive car in 40 different ways, I want to hear what they would become if they were wealthy, what they would do and what they would have that they can’t be, do and have now. I want to know who they would help, where they would travel, what differences they would make in the world.

You might be surprised at how many quit before they get to 40 and I never hear from them again. On the other hand, the ones that do make it to 40 come back with a new look in their eyes and new timbre in their voice, they have real purpose in their life and the drive to achieve goals now.

What is your purpose? What is the purpose to your life? Know that and the purpose to your goals becomes clear. When you know your purpose in life you may even change many of your goals to align with that purpose.


When you start your money making project you will need a plan. A plan is similar to a strategy and strategies are like recipes for creating things we want outside of the kitchen. When you get up in the morning you will need a plan to know what to do today, what ingredients to use and how to mix them.

If you were in the kitchen and you wanted to make a pumpkin pie you would use a recipe and it would tell you what ingredients to use and in what order to mix them as well as all of the other instructions you needed to make a pumpkin pie. A good plan will tell you what to do and which step is next just like a recipe for a pumpkin pie. A good plan will be in perfect alignment with your purpose.

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