Indian Politician A. Raja And Incorrect use Of Power

In modern Indian record, his fraud will be the most significant Report Scam and get your money back ever, that involves highest volume of losses to the government. The scam is defined as a scam of under-pricing where he allotted 2G spectrums to organizations at prices not beneficial in that case but old prices. These old rates were a lot lesser when compared to the rates then and thus the collective loss to the government was extremely higher. A. Raja had himself authorized and sold the spectrum in the year 2008 at prices of the year 2001, this under-pricing led to a 200 crore rupees loss for the UPA government.

The allocated policy of A. Raja in addition came under the shield. He allotted spectrums with the ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. Usually such govt allocations are done by means of transparent auction method. Yet the fact that he decided for a deceptive and aloof means of allocating the spectrum have raised accusations of him allotting it to chosen few for his vested interests. These vested interests were the personal advantages which the companies needed to offer to Raja. Raja was below judicial care at Tihar prison up to March 31, 2011.

The Central Bureau of Investigation filed an FIR in opposition to A. Raja which states that there’s a two hundred crore rupee scam in which Raja has played an important part. This scam associated A. Raja along with a few of his aides along with IPS officials. These IPS officers were likewise a major part of this scam and so they are already charged and sentenced to prison along with Raja. The CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) and also the Central Bureau of Investigation have a multitude of charges against A. Raja and all these accusations are now being tried out in the Indian Supreme Court Raja resigned on the 14th of November 2011 but had earlier resisted resignation proclaiming his innocence.

This resignation letter was an after move as in January his house and office were raided. This raid was executed by the CBI, they confiscated personal computers as proof which may be utilized against A. Raja and his aides in the Supreme Court. The CAG has predicted that Raja could possibly have made 300 crore from the assumed bribes. A. Raja photos and A. Raja videos had been used against him in the criminal procedures in the Supreme courts in which he is heard speaking to Nira Radia in the tapes. He’s as a result found guilty on a number of allegations, TIME magazine has considered this scam as second on the list of Top 10 abuses of political power, next only to the Watergate scandal.

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