Special Education Bangkok

A Course In Miracles parents also believe that special education in Bangkok only applies to Thai children when,Special Education Bangkok Articles in fact, it also applies to children of foreigners also and many international schools have a special education program, especially international schools in Bangkok. Some of these schools are ran by non-profit organizations but up until 1975, time for a history lesson, children with learning difficulties and who required special education in Bangkok, were not accounted for.

This lead to the introduction of the Individuals with Disabilities Education act which was passed in the same year (1975) which granted all children with disabilities a free and appropriate public education and so special education programs in Bangkok (and Thailand) were finally introduced. Thailand however is wanting to integrate children with special needs in to mainstream schools which would mean that less children would be having a special education in Bangkok tailored to them and their disability and would instead have to endure the public school system instead. This may lead to bullying and other social trauma as well as the child is forced to act like everyone else when their disability may not allow for this to happen fully. Schools that provide a special education in Bangkok for disabled children are, as said, usually government funded but these schools and their programs reach out to both the child and their parents as taking care of a child with a disability can be very taxing and stressful. There are many organizations throughout Thailand that help children with special needs and they all offer their own unique programs and qualified staff to help both parents and children alike. Many provide special education programs in Bangkok whilst some work with local public schools to add special classes or changes to the curriculum to ensure that disadvantaged children lead as normal a life as they can in spite of their disability.

It was not until 1999 when the Thai Ministry of Education decided to take a keener look at children with disabilities in public schools. This lead to the set-up of various ministerial departments whose job is to ensure that they are responsible for the provision of particular areas of special needs education. This then lead to the creation of the The Division for Special Education, which is part of the overall Ministry of Education.

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